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INCRYPTIUM is a leading cleantech solutions provider for the bitcoin mining industry. We develop global solutions and business models on clean energy, climate and digital infrastructure development issues. 
Our mission is to build a sustainable future for the digital world’s growing energy needs. 
We are believers that bitcoin mining will accelerate the sustainable adoption of clean energy and our efforts are centered around using bitcoin mining as a catalyst to fueling more investment into the development of renewable energy systems. 
INCRYPTIUM is fueling Bitcoin’s energy transition with clean energy solutions for tomorrow. 

Renewable Energy System Revenue Enhancement Optimization (RESREopt)

INCRYPTIUM helps renewable energy power plant and grid operators create profitability out of waste energy and downtime through the innovative integration of fully-integrated mobile Bitcoin mining data centers with renewable energy systems to convert surplus power otherwise wasted into monetary value. Bitcoin then becomes a cheap form of storage and transfer of value for unused renewable energy. 
We can deploy Bitcoin mining data center containers ranging from as small as 0.5MW, all the way up to 100MW or more, to guarantee optimum usage of and pricing for your power. Their plug-and-play design allows for the rapid deployment and scaling of operations.
INCRYPTIUM offers a proprietary Bitcoin Mining as a Service (BTCMaaS) solution utilizing on-location behind-the-meter mobile Bitcoin mining data centers as highly-profitable and flexible load-sinks. 
Our BTCMaaS structure means that your company keeps the upside, while we do the work of managing the setup and operation in exchange for a management and performance fee. 
INCRYPTIUM offers unique and customized solutions on a location-by-location and partner-by-partner basis. We work with your organization to structure operations, equipment, and financing options best suited to your needs and risk tolerances.
We have a broad partner network to offer all-in-one digital asset solutions, including equipment financing, equipment procurement and installation, operations, coin price hedging, mining pool management, digital asset custody services and coin liquidation and trading.  
Digital Load and Asset-Level Profitability Management – BTCMaaS
INCRYPTIUM’s Bitcoin Mining as a Service offering provides consultation, information, and related services to enhance your energy usage management and profitability. We will be taking on the role of manager of the mining operation directly on your behalf and utilize power generated by your renewable energy asset on an as-available basis to maximize your overall profitability while increasing predictability of total demand.
• Our RESREopt specialists use innovative, AI-based optimization software and will first work with your team to analyze your power generating asset’s performance over the past 12 months to develop an operating plan to maximize profitability based on generator plant operating costs, market-wide electricity pricing, and excess generation capacity and downtime.
• We will source, inspect, transport, install, and operate fully-integrated mobile Bitcoin mining data centers ideally matched to the power generation profile available at your asset, collecting an appropriate and negotiable fee in exchange for ongoing management services.
• Over time, INCRYPTIUM can fine-tune operations and tailor the exact mix of mining equipment to match real-world experience of hourly power availability and market pricing on an asset-by-asset basis.

Green Mining Farm Optimization

INCRYPTIUM offers ESG driven consulting services and cleantech solutions to help digital asset mining companies become eco-driven organizations and fully committed to produce Bitcoin in a sustainable and climate-conscious way. 

Our innovative clean technology systems enable unique value creation through Renewable Energy System Optimization (RESopt), next-generation Energy Storage Systems, Waste Heat Power Plants and Immersive Cooling Systems. 

We offer unique and customized sustainability-focused solutions on a location-by-location and partner-by-partner basis.

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